"The film sheds light on the power of citizenship"

"Only an undocumented person knows what it feels like to walk down the street and see a migration vehicle (ICE)," said Masavi Phoenix , originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. "In the last 20 years I have witnessed many atrocities, such as seeing immigrants getting on a truck after cashing their checks at change houses, or when they were going to buy food at Latin supermarkets."

See article here: AZCENTRAL


"This film is relatable to so many immigrants in this country, including myself and my family. I hope to always inspire compassion and thoughtfulness through my films, Mi Voto, Mi Comunidad is a film that motivates all of us to keep fighting for our communities in whatever capacity we can, but if privileged enough, through our vote."

- Pita Juarez


Directed by Pita Juarez

Filmed and Edited by Matty Steinkamp

AC and PA Jazmin Corona



Our award winning short fictional drama Markus Knight premiered in Phoenix May 27th at The Garden PHX Screening Room in front of 4 sold out screenings. Markus Knight has screened in Paris, New York, Orlando, Las Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Synopsis: In a city that has a history of police brutality and a society being torn apart by racism and bigotry, a new hero story emerges. While hiding his supernatural abilities, Markus learns quickly that the real world isn’t like the comics he reads. Markus is a young boy from the south side, learning to survive the stresses and dangers of everyday life growing up in the city, with only the memories of his father’s advice to lead the way. This project has been created to share not only a powerful origin story, but to also shine a light on the brutal, inhumane policing happening in America against Black people .

*Winner for "Best Actor" Kelil Cole Paris Short Film Awards

*Winner for "Best Young Actor" Kelil Cole Indie Short Film Awards in Los Angeles

Nominated for Best Fictional Short, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Soundtrack, Best Actor in a Supporting Role and Best Cinematography. (Paris Short Film Awards)


Directed By Matty Steinkamp

Written By Kash Cole

Filmed and Edited by Matty Steinkamp

AC and PA Jazmin Corona

Audio Recording Will Feggins

Score and Mix by Nicholas Steinkamp

Dr Sian Proctor, a member of Inspiration 4 and the first Black Female Astronaut to pilot a spacecraft unpacks her journey to space. Our short documentary premiered at Indie Film Fest 2022.

*Official Selection at Indie Film Fest 2022 in Phoenix.

*Official Selection at Overview Effect Film Festival 2022

*Showcase screening at SXSW 2022 at the Unistellar Booth


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