In the Summer of 2023 our team was invited to help capture the Victory Institutes global conference in Mexico City to help share the stories of the powerful work they are doing with LGBTQI+ communities from all over the world. Our team spent a week with offiicials and candidates learning their struggles and seeing their strength with the amazing work they are accomplishing. See our newest short doc Democracy Demmands Equality, directed by Pita Juarez, Assistant Director and Producer Kassandra Alvarez - Gomez, filmed and edited by Matty Steinkamp with Audio production by Jacob Gomez.


Mango Skies partnered with the NFL to help share the inspiring story of our talented friend Lucinda "La Morena" Hinojos. Over the past few months our team, Pita Juarez and Matty Steinkamp followed Lucinda's beautiful process while painting this one of kind and first ever masterpiece for Super Bowl LVII. With time-lapse footage of her painting and landscapes only found in Arizona, this film brings out the beauty of the Southwest. La Morena's painting will be displayed on the official Super Bowl LVII ticket, which features symbols that represent key parts of Indigenous culture and the history in Arizona. You can see some of our photography posted throughout the social media channels from the project. Please dive into the film and read the exclusive article in Forbes Magazine below. We also created a Super Bowl LVII playlist of everything we are working on this year on our YouTube Channel right here.



Our Approach

We are creatives, makers, builders, and organizers. Our mission as a film production company is to create films and multi media projects that make a positive impact on our community. We want to celebrate the best stories, film the most beautiful images and capture the magical memories that last forever. We dive into intimate conversations with each of our characters to learn as much as possible in order to develop a well rounded story.

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Mango Skies is an award winning, imaginative film production company specializing in multi-media storytelling and documentary films. We thrive off of our beautiful team of collaborators,  who are always bringing the highest quality production to each story. Lead by our creative director Matty Steinkamp, Mango Skies has been creating memorable films since 2015 in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Today, we focus on elevating our community and our collaborators around the world with fresh new ways of storytelling.

Our productions have been seen in theaters across the country, film festivals around the world, and national TV networks on millions of screens at homes everywhere. Not only are our films distributed on streaming giants like Amazon Prime and HULU, but our projects have been featured on ESPN, CBC, NFL NETWORK, USA Today, PBS, The Young Turks, NPR, MSNBC, as well as more than 20 college campuses through screenings and discussions. We are continuing to develop our style and create more stories everyday.

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