Mango Skies is an award winning creative film production company specializing in multi-media storytelling and documentary films. As a collective, we thrive off of our diverse team of creatives, working hard to always bring the highest quality production to each story.  Mango Skies has been creating memorable films as a collective since 2015 in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Today, we focus on elevating our community and our collaborators around the world with fresh new ways of telling a story.

Our productions have been seen in theaters across the country, film festivals around the world, and national TV networks on millions of screens at homes everywhere. Not only are our films distributed on streaming giants like Amazon Prime, but our projects have been featured on ESPN, USA Today, PBS, The Young Turks, NPR, MSNBC, as well as more than 20 college campuses through screenings and discussions. We are continuing to develop our style and create more stories everyday.


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We came together in 2017 to create a film around what BIPOC folx were experiencing: a xenophic presidency, the reckoning of sexual assault predators, and the murders of Black lives. And today, we are proud to release our film during a time when this message is more relevant than ever as we awake to a civil rights uprising to demand that All Black Lives Matter, and  to demand the abolishment of white supremacy and oppressive systems from police departments to customs border patrol. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to our core, exposing oppressive institutional systems from agriculture to the prison industries. Racial injustices, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia: these were issues our film aimed to frame in 2017 that can now provide a voice to our communities in 2020. 


Our Approach

We are creatives, makers, builders, and organizers. Our mission as a film production company is to create films and multi media projects that make a positive impact on our community, while providing a sustainable income that can support or families. We want to tell the best stories, film the most beautiful images and capture the magical memories that last forever. We dive into intimate conversations with each of our character to learn as much as possible in order to develop a well rounded story.

Do you want to hire us to create something magical with you? Contact us anytime, it is as simple as writing us an email or contacting us through social media. We are always on the go so please be patient with our response.

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