Unpacking Space with Dr. Sian Proctor.

Dr Sian Proctor, a member of Inspiration 4 and the first Black Female Astronaut to pilot a spacecraft unpacks her journey to space. Our short documentary premiered at Indie Film Fest 2022 and will be screening at the Overview Effect Film Festival 2022 on March 13th. You can also catch Unpacking Space at SXSW March 14th at the Unistellar booth in the Creative Expo at SXSW.


Hidden No More: Black Women In Space

Official SXSW Panel March 12 2:30 - 3:30

While the movie Hidden Figures exposed the unknown importance of black women to the US Cold War space program, the New Space Revolution is being driven in no small part by those who inherited that role and are dramatically expanding on it — women who are certainly not hidden figures. A frank and free-wheeling discussion on the growing positive impact of black women as leaders of the human breakout into space, and what can be done to help accelerate the trend.

The Overview Effect: Seeing Earth from Space

Official SXSW Panel March 13 11:30-12:30

According to those who have taken the ride, seeing the Earth from space changes something in your mind and soul. Author Frank White calls this "The Overview Effect". Whether a shift in consciousness, one's relationship to the Earth, the cosmos, or humanity itself, White believes a transformation occurs in those who experience the incredible vision of the MotherWorld from space. Join a group of astronauts who have been there, from sub-orbital private space explorers, to seasoned NASA trained astronauts, as they do their best to explain what may be unexplainable, and share why they believe the rest of us need the chance to experience it ourselves.